Da Vinci

6-9 Years

This group corresponds to the first elementary level within the Montessori Method. The areas are presented in the following manner:

Practical Life and Language: Practical life is encouraged through the care of the environment in the classroom. Reading is a major aspect of this area, the children are introduced to poems: reading and composition.


Mathematics and Geometry: The decimal system, addition, subtraction multiplication, and division are reinforced; and the program continues with more abstract concepts, such as: problem-solving, fractions, divisions, and geometry.  This is a fascinating area in which the students learn the names of geometric figures, both planes, and solids.


Cultural studies:  The cultural area covers a variety of studies. Geography, science, botany, and zoology are included.  The Montessori curriculum encourages an early understanding of these subjects in order to foster culture awareness in the children.